Non-Fungible Tokens Demonstrating Huge Gains

The non-fungible token sector has been around since 2013 but it really took off in the year 2020. This is when the cryptocurrency industry realized the importance and potential of the particular sector.

From 2020 until now, the sector has been thriving due to the constant involvement and adoption of investors in the particular sector. The non-fungible token sector has been introduced to the public in so many different ways.

However, not every non-fungible token has gained as much success as the ones that are currently ruling the crypto-verse. If you are an investor, then you would want to benefit from the non-fungible tokens that are promising and have the potential of offering high gains.

For your convenience, Ido Fishman has listed some of the major non-fungible tokens that have been performing really well. There is a high chance of you gaining a lot in the upcoming days if you invest in these cryptocurrencies as early as possible.

Gemma Extending Tech (GXT)

The trading price for Gemma Extending Tech currently stands at $0.3137 per GXT. The non-fungible token has gained 99.84% growth in a 7-day period. The market valuation for Gemma Extending Tech currently stands at $26,203,156. Gemma Extending Tech currently ranks as the 702nd largest cryptocurrency among 19,000+ digital assets in the crypto-verse.


STEPN is the next NFT on the list that has experienced a 43.94% surge in the same period. The trading price for STEPN currently stands at $3.17 per GMT. The overall valuation for STEPN is worth $1,913,140,887. With a high valuation, STEPN currently ranks as the 55th largest cryptocurrency in the entire crypto-verse.

X World Games (XWG)

X World Games is currently the third top performing NFT with a weighted growth rate of 42.93%. X World Games’ current market valuation is worth $43,497,705. The current price of X World Games is worth $0.03464 per XWG and it currently ranks as the 588th largest cryptocurrency.


XMON’s current trading price is worth $41,636.63 and it has observed a 30.11% weighted growth. The current market valuation of XMON is worth $62,243,333. It currently ranks as the 489th largest cryptocurrency. As these cryptocurrencies are currently performing really well, it is very important to keep an eye on them and invest in them when there is an opportunity for growth. If you want more insights, updates, and guidance from Ido Fishman surrounding NFTs, you can always revisit.